The Little Leia: An Ode to Carrie Fisher

The news of Carrie Fisher’s passing was — and still is — devastating to me. The universe lost its most favorite space princess, and I lost someone I have idolized since I was a little girl. Of course, her role as Princess Leia defined my childhood. She portrayed an independent, feisty, resilient Rebel Alliance leader and princess, and she was every bit of that in real life — and more. Not only did I idolize Leia but the real Carrie Fisher, for her acting talents, writings and advocacy for some of life’s most pressing issues, such as mental-health awareness. She was a beacon of hope to so many, and her loss affects of all us. For me, she was a strong female influence in a world of mirages.

Our Top 13 Apps of 2016

December is a natural month of reflection, with the ending of another year and the creation of goals for the next New Year. While the following apps with likely be staples of Hourglass Omnimedia, in 2017, our 2016 couldn’t have been as productive without the inception of these apps into our overall business daily activities and organization.